A persecuted Christian is a person who follows Jesus Christ and who is systematically mistreated either as an individual or part of a group through a program or campaign to exterminate, drive away, or subjugate because of his/her religion, race, or beliefs. [1] The aim of persecution is not to simply kill but to intimidate Christians into silence, compromise, and cowardice.[2]



  • '70 million Christians' martyred for their faith since Jesus walked the earth. [3]

  • More Christians were killed in Northern Nigeria last year (2013) than in the rest of the world combined.  Over 2,000 woman and girls abducted since 2014.[4]

  • In china, the world's most populous nation, Catholics and Protestants refusing to register with the communist dictatorship face arrests and fines, and their churches are shuttered and their crosses taken down.[5]

  • When asked about the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim religion, at least three-quarters of Muslims in Jordan (86%), Egypt (84%), Pakistan (76%) and Nigeria (51%) say they would favor making it the law.[6]

  • 322 Christians are killed for the faith, 214 churches and christian properties are destroyed and 772 forms of violence are committed against christians EACH MONTH.[7]

  • Pakistan’s blasphemy laws authorized punishment of blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad with a recommended penalty of "death, or imprisonment for life." Christians who deny their faith in Muhammad can be killed. [8]

  • In North Korea up to 70,000 Christians suffer in labor camps with no release possible because of their faith in Jesus Christ.[9]

  • Over 400 million Christians live under 66 governments which severely restrict religious freedom and persecute Christians.  Every year an average of 200,000 Christians are killed for their Faith.[10]