The program consists of a “Discipleship Training School” (6 months of lectures and learning to serve people), “Literacy School” and a “School of Biblical Studies” (9 months where the young people read the Bible 5 times in 9 month time frame).  At the end of the course the ex-militant’s life is changed and transformed. They go on to become missionaries, youth pastors (or actively involved in church work) and/or they get jobs as normal citizens.


So far we have been able to raise enough funds to put 52 ex-child soldiers through these training programs.

Our goal is to raise enough sponsorship for each ex-child soldier who desires to participate in this training program. 

To sponsor one ex child soldier for the whole two year program only costs $1,500 (tuition, room and board inclusive).

We have 100 young people on the waiting list.

Our hope is that these 100 ex-child soldiers would become peacemakers of the current conflict and build peace for the next generation.

Would you join us in making a difference in their lives?


Change the Life of a Former Child Soldier