In order to partner for transformation, “a Voice for the Voiceless” seeks to build bridges between those moved with compassion and those experiencing injustice.

We are a group of communicators, artists, builders, administrators, designers, photographers, writers and storytellers who are united by a common goal: to be a Voice for the Voiceless.


See the Challenge

The scope of basic human need and injustice is vast. We ask God to guide us toward the particular individuals and communities to serve and show us how to use our vocational skills and talents to communicate and inspire others to see and respond.


Value the Person

We believe every person has value. Therefore our goal is to cultivate relationships that foster a sense of personal value and inspire growth for all involved.


Partner for Change

In a global World, we recognize that networking and partnerships are essential for sustainable change. “a Voice for the Voiceless” seeks to build bridges between those moved by compassion and those experiencing injustice.



Know God

At the core of everything we do is our relationship with Jesus.  The Bible is God's authoritative word and is foundational to how we live and view the world.  We believe Jesus has called us to love, heal, and speak life into people just as He did.  We are interdenominational and believe that out of the place of prayer God calls us into action.


Diversity & Community

People of all nationalities, cultures, and ages have a unique combination of gifts and skills which contribute to making a stronger, healthier and more productive community.


Value People

Each person has been made in the image of God and as such has great value.  We believe in equal opportunity and justice for all.  Also, we aim to make sure people are valued in everything that we do.


Integrity & Accountability

Our staff are not paid and receive monthly donation from people who believe in what they are doing. We work in teams and seek to be accountable to each other with a high level of integrity.  We endeavor to maintain transparency and keep our communication clear, accurate, creative and innovative.


Generosity & Adaptability

We believe in choosing generosity and adaptability in all we do. We understand that people and situations change and we need to respond and accommodate accordingly.


Educate and Empower

We seek to break cycles of injustice through the education and empowerment of vulnerable women and children thus effecting long-term change.


A Voice for the Voiceless is a ministry of Youth With A Mission and part of the PhotogenX family of ministries. We are based out of the University of the Nations - Kona, HI, USA and have a strong emphasis on training and equipping people to be effective in long-term transformation. To find out more about our programs visit www.uofnkona.edu