Paul Dangtoumda was running youth training programs in Southern Nigeria. His program was impacting the lives of hundreds of young people. Then he heard of the great need of seeing change made in the lives of these ex-militants and a thought occurred to him, “Could my program help re-integrate these ex-militants back into normal society and life?”

After quite a journey, he moved his program into the middle of an internment camp. Many hair raising and dangerous experiences later, he got through to the ex-militants. Many made peace with God and the rest of society through faith in Jesus Christ. Since then, Paul developed a highly effective training track for these ex-militants.

Paul Dangtoumda and his  team have to date rehabilitated 400+ former militants through their transformation course. many of these have gone on into further training and, currently, 2/3 of the staff were former militants.

Every day, Paul Dangtoumda sees the power of the gospel in transforming lives.