Zebah's Story

One day my husband was here, we had a good life, the next day he was gone

As we listened to Zebah the deep pain behind her eyes was clear but there was something else there as well, a fierce determination of a fighter, a survivor.  One of the countless bombings in the city of Kabul left Zebah a widow and single mother of three. All her husband's belongings went to his family, not to her as it is the law.

She was out on the street begging when she met a family. She was taken in by this wealthy family, who let her and her boys stay in the shed at the back of the property. Every day Zebah cooks, cleans, does laundry and feeds the animals.  She and her boys are allowed to eat the scraps that are left over and take the abuse that some of the family members give her. Zebah lives in constant fear of being cast away.


Zebah's dream is to be free and able to provide for her sons so they can go to school.